Peasemore Committee Annual Report 2014/15

So now is probably a good time to admit the reason I'm standing down from the committee is that I've run out of whitty comments to include in my chairmans report each year so don't get your expectations up!

As is my tradition lets do a quick run-through of the year since the AGM last October

November bought the madness that is Peasemore Race Night, betting frenzies, much drinking, great fun and a big thankyou to Tim Bean who stood in for me as caller. This was a bit of a risk as to reduce costs and keep prices down we decided not to run the night ourselves rather than employ someone and then buy the race video's off the internet as a package. This took a lot more preparation and work on the night but resulted in a much more "Peasemore" feel to the event which we will definitely do again.

We ran the normal events at Christmas for both the Friends of Peasemore and also the children, a standout memory for me was Gramps presenting some of his poetry at the friends event which was a real unexpected delight and thoroughly enjoyed by all. His presence and character in the village will be sorely missed.

Running into this calendar year now Tony Goodger ran an enthralling Photographic night in February, for anyone who didn't attend you blew out, the talk was a fantastic mix of technicalities around pictures, Tony's personal photographic journey and a chance to feast on some of his beautiful work. A huge thankyou to Tony as I know how much effort went into it and it absolutely showed in the results.

Easter provided some great events for the children with both the children's bingo and the easter egg hunt seeing more attendees than ever. The easter egg hunt was spectacular with 25 children descending on the cricket pitch in ravenous style and picking 150 eggs clean within the blink of an eye. Thankyou to Sam Meredith for being bingo caller extraordinaire and to the Easter Bunnies Caren, Lauren and Sarah and lastly to Steve & Sheena Measures who kindly contributed some beautiful eggs to be found.

We had a bit of a break over the summer period but came back with what I felt was one of the best events of the year the Treasure Hunt. My apologies again to Maxeen and Peter for dumping 150 leaflets at the last minute for delivery to every household, they are both often unsung heroes for their works behind the scenes in supporting events. I'm still amazed at the volume of people who turned up on the day, we changed the concept this year by linking it with what we thought would be a cricket match and BBQ. The cricket match got cancelled but the weather stayed amazing, everyone survived fighting the wasps for the BBQ lunch and then a closely fought Boys v Dads cricket match finished off the day perfectly. Special thanks have to go out to Sarah Cornish for her work on all the clues, for Jo Turner and Ashley Walton for being our guinea pigs and testing the route prior to the day, to Tim Cotton and Peter Jonas for style duty and to Tom Morgan and Ashley once again for manning the BBQ.

A much smaller but equally significant event was the Strawberry Tea which Delia Saunders kindly ran over the summer, the event was very well received by all who attended so thankyou to Delia for all her efforts as well Gill, Jenny and Sam who also ably assisted.

On the subject of events I'd like to take this opportunity to remind people of two upcoming events:-
Tim and Tim in Concert - Sat 24th October 2015 - 8pm
Wine Call My Bluff - Sat 14th November 2015 - 7pm

In terms of spending I won't repeat the treasurers report but it was good to see the benches getting some use during the cricket season, I'm told they're very comfy and nobody has managed to swipe them thanks to the landanchors and a lot of digging in by Peter and Tim, I think they may have found coal somewhere down there! Also cricket related we funded replacement to the cricket nets this year so clearly no excuses from the PVCC for anything less than a record season next year.

We're currently in the process of installing a new extractor system in the village hall kitchen to improve ventilation. Post spending on the extractor system the committee is currently holding around £3.5k in the bank, I'd really like to see us spend some of this rather than hold it so would really appreciate input from anyone who has ideas as to village benefits or relevant charitable organisations. Looking forward, I am aware that we may wish to provide some support to the church this year to support the ceiling works.

As highlighted at the start of this report I've now been doing the chairman role for 4 years and feel its time for me to step back and let someone else bring in fresh ideas and zeal before I start to get even more stale and boring! Working in the committee has been a fantastic experience, the people who've been on the committee during my tenure give up their own spare time and effort consistently and without complaint and its a pleasure to be seen to "lead" such a committed bunch of individuals. I have to offer my thanks to all of them for their constant support it is very much appreciated and has made my role so enjoyable.

However, you don't get rid of me that easily, I will continue to do the electronic Comms and website for as long as people would like me to continue. I've also suggested that if nobody else would like to do it and assuming I can get assistance from those musically minded then as I will be in Peasemore retirement I will attempt to organise and run the Peasemore Festival again next year which we've wanted to do for the last couple of years but time and focus just hasn't permitted. Hopefully being able to focus on just one event will allow me to make it as good as the amazing weekends we've had in the past.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the committee gets up to next as I'm sure its going to be exciting and will continue to be available to assist and help out in any way I can.

Author: Dave Mullender
October 2015