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Peasemore committee AGM 2015/16 - January 2017

It was a surprise that I found myself the new chairman of the Peasemore committee following the resignation of the excellent work that Dave Mullender had achieved during his time as chairman, a task I thought daunting at the time trying to keep the momentum going for the coming year.However,with the continued help, support and commitment of my fellow committee members I can with great pleasure and with some relief report that we have enjoyed another successful year of events and activities.

So let’s remind ourselves of the past year of what, when and where has taken place.

Saturday 14th November 2015 Wine call my bluff(village Hall)

The ever popular wine tasting evening brought to us again from our wine experts going by the names of Rex Walters,Jim Reed and Tony Goodger who bluffed their way through an enjoyable and entertaining evening. A big thank you to Caren Cotton for heading the superb meal and a special thank you to Nicola Walters for organizing this event.

Christmas 2015(village hall)

It was a pleasure for the committee to run with our traditional events for the festive period being The Friends of Peasemore Dinner Party and the Children’s Christmas Party. Thank you to all the committee members who work so hard to make these events the success they are.

28th March 2016 Easter Egg hunt(cricket ground)

I am sure it took Sarah, Dave and myself longer to hide over 200 Easter eggs around the cricket ground than it did for the children(and parents)to find them, this annual event can only be described as very competitive. Thanks to Sarah who took control of this one.

1st April 2016 Children’s Bingo(village hall)

This very well attended Bingo session hosted by Sam Merideth is always a winner with the children and parents alike, I am sure a 2 hour Bingo game has to be a good diversion for children and their parents during the Easter school holidays. Thank you again Sam.

27th August 2016 Peasemore Summer Fete(cricket ground)

Our big event for the year, brought to you with the combined help from the Peasemore Cricket Club,The friends of St barnabas and The Peasemore committee. Well what can I say, you try to choose a day with fine weather and hope for the best, after a successful set up in the morning the great British weather decided to have its say and we had lightening, thunder and torrential rain around lunchtime and really thought that we may have to cancel this event,however,the skys cleared and by the start of the fete the sun came out and it seemed the whole of Peasemore with their friends turned up to enjoy traditional stalls and games and of course the obligatory Bar and BBQ.Overall the day was a great success despite yet another heavy downpour at the end of the day whilst Dave Mullender was calling out the raffle prizes, I can still visualise everyone huddled under canvass or whatever they could find to keep out of the rain, a true sight to remember what a great community spirit we have in our village.

28th August Family Fun Cricket(cricket ground)

The weather never stopped raining and although the BBQ was a lit and a few beers consumed this event finally had to submit to the weather, although I did hear that a few balls were thrown and hit in anger later on in the day.

22nd October 2016 Horse Race Night(village Hall)

Always a winner(except for me, never won a penny).A really great night out and always very well supported, plenty of wine, beer and good food and a little flutter on the horses is a good recipe for an enjoyable evening, thanks to my colleagues for all the hard work they put in that made the evening a great success.

19th November 2016 Peasemore Curry Club(village hall)

The revival of the curry club turned out to be an exceptional night of fine authentic Indian cuisine presented to us by the original curry club members being Paul Brady,John Sturt,Angus Muirhead Tim Clark and Pete Waters.this was a truly fantastic evening and our thanks go to Deborah Brady for organising and bringing this event back to us,I am sure we will be seeing this on our events calendar in the future, also a big thank you to Tim Bean for compering the evening.

Christmas 2016 (village hall)

Were back to Christmas again in this report and I can confirm that Friends Christmas dinner was as always well attended with good food provided and beer and wine consumed in quantity.

The Children’s Christmas party was organised this year by Sarah Collins who we thank for organising and taking the time to entertain the children.

On behalf of the committee we would like to thank Sam Tillotson and all her helpers for the very special evening she organized for the lighting up the village, an amazing sight to see the people of Peasemore following Santa to our lovely church,I understand there were 135 people in the church for the service.

There are so many other people I would like to thank for all their help and support during the past year, but the list is far too long ,so please accept from me on behalf of the committee our gratitude for everything you have done to help us make our community that little bit more special.

Finally, as I have decided to step down as chairman but remain as a member of the committee I would personally like to thank Sarah,Dawn,Gill,Maxeen,Sam,Delia and Deborah for all their time and hard work they put in to make all the events in the past year the success they were.

Peter Jonas(Chairman)